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Lovers of art unite! PinkishBlue was founded to make available the joys of fine art to all. Our mission is to bring high-quality, gallery-worthy affordable art to you.

We sojourn around the world searching for gifted artisans with great paintings and bring them into one place all for you. At PinkishBlue, you will find styles as varied as the bristles of the brushes that painted them.

Each of our paintings is diligently hand-painted, stroke by stroke. We definately do not put up any paintings which are mass-printed. We know that with each stroke of the brush, the artist's skills and emotions are transfered through his/her brush onto the canvas and soon into your homes. This is our secret to how we have brought to many something unique and beautiful.

How PinkishBlue will work for you...


1. Browse our paintings

2. Add to Cart and Check-Out

3. Collect from your door-step in 1-2 weeks time.

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We believe in world peace and customer satisfaction. Email us to let us know how we can assist you in making your painting investment today!

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Good quality painting! Affordable too!

Birmingham, UK